About US 

The National Forefront of Cyber Security in Saudi Arabia.

Operated by a 100% Saudi Team

Established in 2017, RASD is one of the first National Saudi companies operated by a 100% Saudi Team. that aims to provide twenty first century cyber solutions nationally including security services, consultancy and training. The company has an ambitious vision of contributing toward the country’s digital infrastructure development and plans to work with the kingdom to further the cause of cyber security and digital innovation.

RASD’s Commitment

RASD is committed to provide public and private customers with the top-notch cyber security solutions relying on its cutting-edge products, highly experienced and competent Saudi team, and the culture of understanding the unique demands of every client to offer an especially tailored solution. With the help of RASD, you can enhance your security and privacy as well.


The company revolves around a great national Saudi  team, men and women of this country with decades  of experience in cybersecurity and digital forensics  joined together to provide the best cyber solutions  to fill the gap that we encounter in this field.


Digital transformation is one of the core programs to vision 2030 and Cyber security is an essential  component of any digital transformation. Hence, our mission is to help the public and private sectors  defend their enterprises against the most subtle threats, enable them to deal with today’s attacks, and make them ready for the threats  of tomorrow. In addition to the preparation and training of the Saudi youth which is an essential part of the movement of digital transformation.